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Outdoor spaces have become even more important for relaxing, entertaining and enjoying with family and close friends. It’s no wonder that one of the biggest trends we continue to see is that toward adding outdoor audio sound systems. This is an excellent opportunity for you to consider adding outdoor audio to your service portfolio. If you have questions about how to do so, reach out to your local Central Rep with questions. They’ll be able to point you in the right direction. With outdoor audio, we’re seeing a continued push for integrated systems like Turfcure that can hide in the background of a beautifully landscaped space. But beyond that, consumers want easy to use WiFi control from their handheld devices but they also want a system that integrates with their smart devices or smart homes. Systems need to be able to connect to smart devices so that people can access their favorite streaming music services like Spotify or Apple Airplay. Even more important is this connection to a smart system like Google Assistant to use voice activation. This allows them to skip a song or request something specific without searching for their cell phone, they simply as Google to do the action for them. Turfcure's VSSL Smart Control Amplifier integrates with Google Assistant, Spotify and Apple AirPlay. While their UltraScape systems allows for a simple Bluetooth add-on to control from any smart device.
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